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The Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2021
The Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2021

The Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2021

The Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2021

The Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2021
The Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2021

Bitcoin has become the buzzword for the new generation of investors and for those of
you keen to invest in this cryptocurrency, it is imperative to find the top Bitcoin
wallets to store the coins securely. Some wallets offer more exciting features than
others in terms of more advanced security measures and better storage, but cold
wallets are usually the preferred choice for crypto enthusiasts. Hot wallets provide
online storage that can be vulnerable to security hacks. Cold wallets are better suited
for bigger storage for the long-term. Wallets are helpful we you are into extensive
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Top Bitcoin Wallets for 2021:

1. Ledger Nano S: This is a hardware wallet by Ledger and one of the very first of
its kind, following close on the heels of the Trezor. It is compatible with
multiple cryptocurrencies but lacks a USB type-C cable. If you have a modern
smartphone you may face some difficulty in connections. The Nano S and Nano
X are almost identical except a few features; both support the same crypto
coins and access Ledger Live software. The Nano S provides ample storage for
limited numbers of coins; if you had to delete a wallet in order to add some
other crypto coin, you will not have to let go off the crypto in the deleted
wallet. You can view the deleted wallet with its storage on Ledger Live. The
price for this hardware Bitcoin wallet is affordable and it is easy-to-use. So, it
is a preferred choice for beginners searching for simple but safe storage for a
few crypto coins.

2. Ledger Nano X: A second-generation Ledger hardware wallet, the Nano X is like
a USB drive that can connect to devices through Bluetooth or USB. So, you are
free to connect your Bitcoin wallet to any Android or iOS device and it supports

1500 crypto coins. This is a cold wallet where the Ledger Live offers an easy-to-
use interface for your crypto holdings. You can add new wallets for other coins
and manage portfolios.

3. Trezor: This is a cold wallet for Bitcoin storage and offers users the freedom to
directly access Changelly or Shapeshift, third-party exchanges. The Model T has
a touchscreen making it convenient for newcomers. It also has a slot for Micro
SD card that you may use for encrypting the PIN for device protection. The
Model T has a USB Type-C cable for connecting to desktops and smartphones.

4. Exodus: This is a mobile and desktop wallet having an easy-to-use interface and
built-in exchange. It can swap between crypto coins, supporting almost 100
cryptocurrencies. It is simplistically designed for beginners and offers great
support. Advanced users may find some features lacking in it but Exodus
remains a closed-source Bitcoin wallet. This can raise some concerns regarding
security but the code cannot be viewed by everyone.

5. Mycelium: This is an open-source wallet for Bitcoins similar to Electrum wallet.
The only distinction is that this wallet is a mobile-only wallet. It has a better
interface than Electrum and built-in exchange. You can set custom transaction
fees like Electrum. Besides, it offers features like hardware support so that
users can keep their Bitcoins offline while they use Mycelium’s interface to
view their holdings.

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