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Huawei’s Under-Screen Camera Surface Online

Huawei’s Under-Screen Camera Surface Online

Huawei’s idea has innovatively added a secondary screen to the top frame of the phone. It should display information such as phone signal, time, and power.



the past few years, we have seen various approaches for achieving a full-screen design. From the first notch screens to the current hole-punch screens, they all are not true full-screen smartphones. We could give this title to the ZTE Axon 20 but its under-screen camera technology has some bugs.

Anyways, we also know that Xiaomi and other manufacturers have been working on their own under-screen camera technologies. And most likely, this year, we will see it on various devices. But besides Xiaomi, there is also Huawei, who didn’t give up yet. Today, we got some patent photos of a new Huawei’s off-screen camera that caused hot discussions on the net.

Huawei’s Under-Screen Camera Technology

As LetsGoDigital reports, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. applied for a design patent to CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Office) in May 2020, covering 7 product drafts and 2 renderings. These patents were displayed today on January 12, 2021.

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Huawei under-screen camera

We can see that the screen of the machine adopts a quad-curved design, and the front lens is hidden under the screen.

Of course, the most surprising thing is that, in order to maximize the full-screen display, Huawei has innovatively added a secondary screen to the top.

In addition, the rear lens module of the new machine adopts a matrix quad-camera solution. It has some obvious protrusion when looking from the side. It comes with a super-outsole main camera and a periscope lens.

Except for the appearance, the patent does not disclose the parameter configuration information of the new machine.

Other Competitors

At present, in addition to the full mass production of ZTE Axon 20 with an under-screen camera, Xiaomi also announced that its third-generation under-screen camera technology has reached mass production. At the same time, mainstream smartphone manufacturers including OPPO and Samsung have all announced their own under-screen camera patents.

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