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6 Great Reasons To Use A VPN

6 Great Reasons To Use A VPN

As technology continues to advance and gain popularity, privacy and safety have become more
and more important to those who utilize the internet. One of the biggest ways people gain
privacy and security is by using a Virtual Private Network or VPN.

To utilize a VPN, you’ll first need to choose which VPN services are the best. A ranking of the
best-paid VPN services can be found at https://vpnlistings.com/ where different services are
rated and compared to one another.

6 Great Reasons To Use A VPN
6 Great Reasons To Use A VPN

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Here are 6 reasons why you use VPN:

1. Enhanced Security
One of the greatest benefits of using a VPN is the increased security it provides. As technology
advances, browsing the internet has now become so popular that it’s a part of everyone’s daily
lives. Thus, cybercrime rates continue to increase.
VPN is a form of protection for important information like Internet Protocol (IP) addresses,
passwords, locations, and other data against potential hackers.

2. Protected File Sharing
Since VPNs are networks that operate outside of the internet, it is near impossible to have data
stolen or exposed when they’re in use. Creating a closed circuit on the web using a VPN allows
you to send and receive files with little to no worry that they will be stolen.

3. Anonymity
While it is near impossible to remain anonymous on the internet, using a VPN can make that
anonymity possible. Normally, with no VPN for protection, bits of information regarding your IP
address or your computer’s name or even pieces of your information can be left behind as you
browse. This is not ideal when privacy is important to you.
All browsers today have the option for incognito mode which is one way people try to keep their
identity safe, however, this tactic is nowhere near as successful as a VPN is. While incognito
mode blocks your internet history from being stored, it won’t encrypt that data or hide your
network like a VPN will.

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4. Remote Access
While a VPN is an actual network, it can still be accessed remotely from wherever you are.
Because of this, companies that have employees working from home or from different parts of
the world can still protect all of their employees.

5. Affordability
While VPNs can be expensive depending on a person’s specific needs, they don’t have to be.
There are many VPN services that offer long-term plans for as low as $4 a month.

At only $48 a year, purchasing a VPN is a small price to pay to protect your information.

6. Bypass Blockers/Restricted Content
Different countries have different restrictions on their apps and websites, making some sites
inaccessible through a normal network. That being said, if you use a VPN, you will be able to
bypass those geoblocks and access restricted content. This is done by using an IP address from a
different country with less restrictions.
For example, ridding these restrictions with the use of a VPN can give you access to different
sport betting websites, additional Netflix content, and even cheaper deals from certain

6 Great Reasons To Use A VPN
Setting Up Your VPN

Getting a VPN
So, now that you’ve decided security and privacy is what you’re after, how do you receive a VPN?
First, you have to find a VPN provider online. To do this, research the different services
available as well as which providers are most reliable. There are VPNs you can use for free while
others come with a cost.
Moreover, there are many options to receive a VPN through your job or university, and in many
cases, this is offered for free.
A few details to look for when choosing a VPN are:
 Specific features
 Server locations
 Speed

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Setting Up Your VPN
After deciding on your VPN provider, you’ll need to set up your VPN on their website. This can
be done in a few easy steps:
1. Decide on the software package you desire.
2. Choose a service plan that meets your specific needs (be sure to utilize a free trial if it is
3. You’ll receive an activation code or login credentials, save this information for later use.
4. Download, install, and open the software your VPN is going to utilize.
5. Here you’ll be able to choose which server and location you plan to browse from and
then connect to the server of your choice.

VPNs are available on any budget so there’s no reason someone who utilizes a computer and its
internet service daily shouldn’t be using a VPN. The privacy and security to be gained in
everyday life are greatly worth the money spent.

Since VPNs are both easy to acquire and affordable, while also offering a variety of benefits to
those who utilize them, there shouldn’t be anyone who’s not using a VPN to their advantage.

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