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Updated FM WhatsApp V8.2 APK For Android

Updated FM WhatsApp V8.2 APK For Android

Its time to have a taste of another brand of Whatsapp, this called FM Whatsapp. Shortly, you will be learning about this Whatsapp Messenger, which works exactly like the default Whatsapp just this time it comes with Moderated features which were created for your pleasure and extra conveniences.

FM WhatsApp V7.60 APK 53 MB
Updated FM WhatsApp V8.2 APK For Android

This mod version of Whatsapp is developed by Fouad Mokdad, who is also the creator of Fouad WhatsApp For Android. One of the key features you are expected to notice on this Mod Whatsapp is the new FM WhatsApp V7.60 customization of the App’s interface and an incremental list of emojis.

App Highlights

  • Send and Read SMS

  • Internet Access

  • Record audio using MIC

  • Kill background tasks

  • Write External Storage

  • Read Contacts

  • Access device location

  • Access wifi, Bluetooth, camera and microphone

This good news right? Well, we would soon see why you will likely prefer this version compared to other Moderated Versions of Whatsapp which you may as well like such as  Royal WhatsApp Transparent Mod v5.50,   just mention a few. You can always find better MOD Whatsapp in the Whatsapp Mod Category Here.

Enough about other Whatsapp Mods lets talk about FM Whatsapp. FM Whatsapp is a type of Whatsapp that will allow you to operate two different Whatsapp accounts eg different number at the same time, you will just need to switch between the two accounts on a single tap. This comes very helpfully when you want to run a public account and a private Whatsapp account without changing numbers and downloading two different accounts. Hope this explanation is clear? If so, let’s go straight to Look at the basic Feature.

FM WhatsApp V7.60 APK For Android

  1. New: Hike style Hide chat.
  2. Hide chat options: Notifications, Sound, Shake WhatsApp name.
  3. Added: Fingerprint/PIN/Pattern options for Hide chat.
  4. Base update to Original WhatsApp 2.18.203 (Play Store).
  5. Line color between chats, Date Pending Message color, date color and more in Home screen.
  6. Documents Text Color, Mention color, Voice note play button color and more in Chat screen.
  7. Now “Mark as Read” from notification option is ON by default.
    “Select all” option for chats in Home screen.
  8. Added: New Facebook Emojis, iMessage Style in Action Bar.
  9. Media Visibility for Groups: Option to choose to show a group media in gallery or hide it.
  10. Enabled: Save any conversation to a file (Chat Menu > More > export chat).
  11. Same color for names in home/status/calls.
  12. 4 new entry styles.
  13. Status video length increase to 5 minutes instead of 45 seconds limit.
  14. Improvements in Russian, Arabic, Turkish Translation.
  15. Latest: OnePlus Slate font and Old Stock (classic) entry style.
  16. Bugs Fix: Calls crash in Android Kitkat, Lock wallaper settings problem in some devices.
  17. Call Blocker (new) – Who can call me option (Calls > Menu).
  18. FMWA Widget – Last Seen On or Off, Unread message count and more.
  19. New: FM Theme Store design and improvements.
  20. Fix: Contact name does not take system font.
  21. Many other bug fixes and improvements.

About FM WhatsApp Development 

  • App Name: FM WhatsApp
  • Version: V7.60
  • Developer: Fouad Mokdad
  • Supported Version: Android 4.4+
  • App Size 53 MB

Download Link for FM WhatsApp

  Download FM WhatsApp V7.60 APK 53 MB

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