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top video edit apps
top video edit apps

Top 4 Video Editing Apps for Smartphones& Computers in 2019

Top 4 Video Editing Apps for Smartphones& Computers in 2019

There are many occasions in which we want good video editing apps, but we have no idea about which program is the right one to edit it. Because we will find thousands of applications designed for this purpose.

top video edit apps
top video edit apps

For this reason, today we bring you a compilation composed of the best video editing programs that we can find online, either to use from your phone app, computer’s browser or to download it to your hard drive.Remember that if you need to edit videos, you can try out the 4 best programs to make your videos.So, you do not want to spend a lot of money on a video editing software, or just wanna trim a clip, add a new soundtrack, do the job in a matter of seconds and export the video in a suitable format…Well, read on!

Adobe Premiere

Adobe is one of the most famous editing programs in the video makers filed. Those who chew graphics and videos definitely know the quality of Adobe products and the app has integrations with the historic professional editing software. Adobe Premiere provides the ability to create videos automatically, which are also editable. It allows you to crop and combine two or more recorded videos, change the order, combine multiple photos and add background music. Besides, Adobe Premiere also features shadows, exposure levels, colors, audio levels, soundtrack addition, video speed and also video transition effects. With Adobe, you can achieve high-quality final results without sacrificing ease of use.


FlexClip is a new primary and easy-to-use online video maker on this list. You will find that FlexClip is pretty simple butoffers the user a large amount of tools available to adjust their videos and gives them an excellent result. FlexClip simply allows us to do some basic operations, such as trim, split the videos. By taking simple steps we will be able to choose some predefined templates from the gallery, and then customize it with caption texts, logo, voiceover and background music. Anyway, the drag & drop system is still temptingly easy for hobby directors without professional experience who want to add creative minds to their videos. But this new service could not provide us to add transition effects for now.But being free, FlexClip could be useful for your simple needs.


KineMaster is the most used among people who edit videos viasmartphones because it is a professional and versatile video editor. Although sometimes the interface may be a little tricky for those who are unused to these professional programs, the application still allows you to sort and cut your own clips in a simple way by dragging them to the desired positions. Of course, KineMaster will enable users to edit the video with a title, credits, abdominal bindings and subtitles as well as inserting music.In addition, KineMaster allows you to use several transition effects, as well as audio effects, speed control tools, and much more that can easily be edited in the console, including markers to change volume pitches.The app, however, applies a watermark above the video if you are not subscribed to the premium subscription service.


Wondershare Filmora is another perfect choice if you want to start with the basic functionality of video editing. But at the same time, youwill also have the opportunity to use more sophisticated features as you move forward with learning its use. It has a well-structured and straightforward interface, with a user-friendly, clear and detailed homepage. So you can drag and drop video clips, choose a predesigned theme, add some music and produce a finished video in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, there are endless customizations of cropping, adding transitions, texts, filters and overlays, playing back video clips or using split screen effects. Similar to KineMaster,the free version of Filmora adds a watermark to your videos that you can only remove by upgrading to your payment service. Top 4 Video Editing Apps for Smartphones& Computers in 2019


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