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The New TECNO CAMON Is Coming And It Could Be The Best You’ve Ever Seen

The New TECNO CAMON Is Coming And It Could Be The Best You’ve Ever Seen

The new TECNO CAMON will be launched in Kenya-we’re super excited!

The first CAMON series was launched in 2015, and it was called the TECNO CAMON C8, best known for its low-light cameras (13MP Back X 8.0MP Front cameras with dual LED flash) which shoot fantastic low-light selfies. The Camon C9 was launched in 2016; giving selfie lovers their first glimpse of what a center-placed 13MP front camera can do to your selfies-the market response was overwhelming!

So, what’s new on the next CAMON? Right now we can only guess our way through this one. The new TECNO CAMON will give photo lovers the power to create stunning selfies with every click of the shutter button-this phone (from a reviewers snippet) will drop with unique skin brightening presets, not bad at all!

For one, people will always take selfies (It’s just part of modern culture), which means that this device is for everyone. The new CAMON phone could be the perfect ‘makeup-artist’ every one-need to keep their selfie faces blemish-free and picture perfect.

How about the camera specs on next Camon…an upgrade or downgrade?

A definite upgrade if you ask me. I’ve always trusted my gut and for me, the next Camon will host dual cameras in the region of 21MP X 16MP back/front cameras with dual LED flash lights. It may be less though but I think this phone can’t possibly come with a downgrade in camera-no way, just look at the beauty!

Any fast capture shortcuts on the new TECNO Camon (smile-to-capture, wave-to-capture, gesture V etc) – new Camon most definitely will have the standard fast capture shortcuts. In fact, we think it could bring something even more grandeur-say fingerprint-to-capture? Maybe, just thinking out loud.

Processor chipset and Operating systems perk? We’ll go with a Deca-core processor-in case you don’t know, the next Camon wouldn’t be the first TECNO to run on a monstrous deca-core chipset if our guess is right. As for the operating system, it’s got to be Android and Nougat 7.0-this is a flagship, so it’s also right to expect the latest android OS to run on this smartphone.

Here you have it guys, what we think the new TECNO Camon will bring to the table. So, we’ll just wait for the official launch in Kenya on the 23rd of March 2017, and perhaps we will get more updates about the device.

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