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Best Antivirus For Windows 8 & 10

Windows 8 & 10 is considered as one of the special creations of Microsoft, as it carries a number of interesting features in it which the predecessors fail to carry. One of the important features includes the robust security system inbuilt in it in the form of Windows Defender, which gives better security to your computer while using the same. However, if you compare it with some of the modern and killer antivirus programs it seems to be lagging behind in many ways. Hence as per experts, it is always a safer and better option to install one of the effective antivirus software over your Windows 8 based system. Some of the killer antivirus software applications are as under for Windows 8 operating system, let’s check them out: Bitdefender Antivirus
One of the best and popular antivirus software for the Windows 8 based computer is Bitdefender antivirus . Some of the important features include finding out and deleting the viruses creating spaces. Also, it is smart enough to catch different malware programs, which is also the reason why it is a popular option for the Windows 8 based users. This antivirus program also helps in shielding against identity theft or even financial information theft; thanks to its important feature called the Safepay function. Considering a number of features and important pros in it, Bitdefender antivirus has been awarded as the editor’s choice in 2012 from PC Magazine. The Pros:
As far as the pros are concerned there are many noticeable sides of Bitdefender antivirus. It has high scores in PC magazine’s antivirus tests along with having a nice score too at several independent lab tests. It is good in phishing protection; it also prevents infection transmission to several private data and keeps a check over ID theft. The feature called *New Wallet* simply manages passwords and private data. The Safepay function in this software protects all your financial transactions, which means you can enjoy a safe and secured kind of online shopping. In case if you visit any suspicious website, it is the first to warn you. Also, this antivirus has a feature called *secure gamer mode*, 24×7 support and the free of cost credit monitoring service option which play their part in securing your Windows 8 based machines. Lastly, even your social media profiles are secured as it keeps a check over the different vulnerabilities. The Cons:
Despite the number of pros, Bitdefender antivirus has few cons as well. At times, you may find some issues while installing the same over the malware infested computers. Also, the *Wallet Password Management* at times cannot fill the web forms. Lastly, once you install it over the Windows 8 based systems it reduces your PC speed owing to the robust scanning steps carried by it. Kaspersky Antivirus
Kaspersky antivirus software is considered as the backbone of any computer security system and hence is also counted for the Windows 8 based security system. It works behind the scene to deliver some of the most reliable and quickest virus and spyware protection solutions. It is also known to offer the Windows 8 users better malware protection thus securing all your personal and classified info in various ways. Kaspersky antivirus also scans different sites, files, emails, discs, external drives, the apps and chat content to flush out the malicious stuff from these places. You also come across the cloud based and software based protection element, which allow you to offer a robust kind of security regardless of the fact that your system is hooked to the Internet or not. Another appreciating feature is the smart updates, which does a lot of things by consuming less than 1% of your computer resources. Also, you have the option of customizing the several notifications along with configuring the same. The Pros:
As far as the pros are concerned, it is tested to achieve some of the best results in security software tests. This product comprises of three different licenses and last it easily helps in creating a bootable recovery disk. If you look at its interface, it is designed in one of the most user friendly way along with being very much simple and hassle free to install over your Window 8 computer. The feature called *Kaspersky Security Network* simply helps in identifying the new threats you encounter in your Windows 8 based systems. You can find quick scan times along with finding good value in it. Lastly it also helps in getting protection against a number of exploits for several insecure settings. The Cons:
Apart from the pros, it also has few cons to mention. First of all it happens to be very much costly (40 dollars) and secondly it does not contain any firewall. Also, if you are carrying out some special or multiple kinds of scans, then the entire process becomes slow and time consuming job.

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