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14 Amazing N-power Testimonies

14 Amazing N-power Testimonies
Just in case you have been wondering is Nigeria’s N-Power, Jobs Scheme of the APC is real or not, read this

Before you see the Testimonies from N-PowerNg beneficiaries of the scheme from the 36 States of Nigeria, Let’s Check This. Ints important you know Who N-Power Nigeria is, who established them, and what purpose where they established.


14 Amazing N-power Testimonies

ABOUT N-Power Nigeria and what they do

Basically, Npower is a scheme by the Buhari Administration which began its first batch of employment in 2016. Now, they keep doing the recruitment batch by batch. So far since inception in the first batch or employment, N-power Scheme had 200,000 HAPPY BENEFICIARIES from the first batch.

Worthy of note that skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development. Despite the current high level of unemployment, harnessing Nigeria’s young demography through appropriate skill development efforts provides an opportunity to achieve inclusion and productivity within the country. Large-scale skill development is the main policy thrust of the N-Power Programme. 14 Amazing N-power Testimonies

N-Power is also linked to the Federal Government’s policies in the economic, employment and social development arenas. N-Power addresses the challenge of youth unemployment by providing a structure for large scale and relevant work skills acquisition and development while linking its core and outcomes to fixing inadequate public services and stimulating the larger economy. The modular programs under N-Power will ensure that each participant will learn and practice most of what is necessary to find or create work. The N-Power Volunteer Corp involves a massive deployment of 500,000 trained graduates who will assist to improve the inadequacies in our public services in education, health, and civic education. Some of these graduates will also help in actualized Nigeria’s economic and strategic aspirations of achieving food security and self-sufficiency. 14 Amazing N-power Testimonies

N-Power will also be a platform for diversifying the economy. N-Power is preparing young Nigerians for a knowledge economy where, equipped with world-class skills and certification, they become innovators and movers in the domestic and global markets. Nigeria will have a pool of software developers, hardware service professionals, animators, graphic artists, building services professionals, artisans, and others. N-Power also focuses on providing our non-graduates with relevant technical and business skills that enhance their work outlook and livelihood.

Testimonies From Beneficiaries 14 Amazing N-power Testimonies

1. According to entires sent to N-power on twitter from her beneficiaries, @IlsaAida said
The only legit reason to pose by shrubs is if you are showing the impact of #NPowerNG, any other type is meh..
She sent in Photos

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2. Another Beneficiary Erasmus Nfawa‏
@nfawaerasmus43 said
we in cross river state had been doing great things too. Most importantly, N-Agro are into mushroom Farming, crop plant etc
N-Power Replied – Many beneficiaries are sharing their #MuchMore testimonies.
Share yours!

3. Another N-Power Nigeria Beneficiary Muazu salisu‏ @muazugbc who is on N-PowerNG Agro sent his testimoney,
#muchmore My 2 acres sugarcane farm solely funded with @npower_ng stipend and me speaking at d SSP/Farmers day organized by @CropLifeIntl
He sent Pictures of his big sugarcane farm

NpowerNG Agro
N-PowerNG Agro Testimonoies

4. N-PowerNG Teach, had an amazing testimony from Nwobodo Tina who said
Nwobodo Tina
I never thought, I could stand in public, I never
thought I could teach, I did not know I can
become a voice to many people in one sitting
until I became a volunteer. Am a teacher.
Proudly N-Tech. Am making a positive impact.
Thank you N-Power team for the privilageN-PowerNG Teach Testimonies

5. Another beneficiary, Oladejo Opeyemi on N-Power NG N-Health sais
I am an Npower volunteer, under N-health, the
health centre in my community was nt
functioning properly before I was posted, this
was because there was just only two health
worker there (a nurse and a CHEW), most
people never knew the health centre existed,
even I never knew there was an health centre in
my community until I was posted there. I have
been working with the health workers there to
create awareness to the people of the
community so that they can make use of the
health centre instead of going to health centres
far away, and even traditional doctors. The
health centre is available, accessible and
affordable to them. Thank God in the past few
weeks, people are now coming in large
numbers, most especially on Mondays for
immunisation. I look forward to see an
improvement in the health status of the
children and pregnant women. I’m very sure the
rate of mortality and morbidity will reduce.

I rep Lagos state
Ikorodu LGA, Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA
Offin health centre. #MuchMore #NpowerNG
N-Health Testimonies

6. Ugochukwu Lopez Ubani is another N-Power Teacher Volunteer, his testimony is very Amazing, as he said-

#MuchMore,| want to commend Npower,for
given me the opportunity to give out
community service,which has been a priority
and hobby to me,now pupils in my community
now rush to school on time,sometimes without
breakfast inorder not to mis the early mornings
moral instructions which they have always
gained from and enjoyed,i have introduced
various educative c|ubs,amongst the children
which they find educating and interesting,they
go back to their home fulfilled and happy
because they see a change in the
system,having a master who is
vibrant,to|orating,and able to improvise in
absence of instructional materia|s,some times
i induce them with toke…
N-Power Teach


7. Mcjane Agatha who rep Abia State shared her exciting testimony as a teacher saying
Mcjane Agatha
As a volunteer in Ntech I have impacted a lot of
my pupils by providing some exercise books
and pencils and gave my best pupils some
homework textbooks and I am planning to pay
their exams fees because I want them all to be
coming to school and learn. Volunteer Ntech
Abia State
N-Power Teach Abia Satate

8. Another N-Power Teacher, Mr Adelani Azeez A‏, said
@npower_ng Npower has given me the opportunity I never had today am a better teacher and a social worker at my PPA . God bless Nigeria#

14 Amazing N-power Testimonies

9. Ismaila A. Oboh‏ said
@npower_ng i’ve been npowered to educate my community on the need to always visit PHC for medical care. Thank you N-Power. #MuchMore….

10. Jack Georgie Tom‏ shared
as a volunteer Npower has given me the opportunity I never had today am a better teacher and happy to impart knowledge #MuchMore

11. A cute Mum,justina feyiyemi‏ who is a beneficiary share photo os Her, in her shop

that is my shop. Kudos to Npower
N-Power Beneficiaries Shop

12. Justina Feyiyemi‏
my name is Omoniyi feyi Npower has done wondrous things in my life, they have imparted knowledge on me now I have my own shop now
14 Amazing N-power Testimonies

13. Meworld‏ with Twitter Handle @iammeworld said
as a volunteer of npower teach, I have been able to impart not jst knowledge but also sane morality within d learners. #muchmore

14. Mikky Pel‏ @IamMikkyPel
I am Nhealth n I have been able to save human lives in a community in Ondo state, i love the feeling,learnt more in medical areas

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