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New Phone set to be Released 2017- See Tech News 

Nokia is planning on making announcement regarding the Nokia 6 on february 26th. The Nokia 6 is said to be operating on Android OS and is a mid range device that is expected to be available in China in the coming months, but the company in charge of manufacturing the device; HMD Global is also making all necessary arrangement to ensure its availability in other countries.

It will be recalled that Nokia promised it would be returning to the smartphone market this year. HMD Global is a Finnish company founded to create phones under the Nokia brand, and all fingers are crossed as to whether this said company would be able to revive and revamp Nokia’s legacy in the smartphone market.

The set date for the release of the Nokia 6 is coincidentally the date when Mobile World Congress Show will be commencing in Barcelona. More Information on this set date and the release will be made available to you as they unfold in anticipation.

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