Omg! Download The Best Netify Vpn Ever!

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Omg! Download The Best Netify Vpn Ever!

Omg! Download The Best Netify Vpn Ever!

Omg! Download The Best Netify Vpn Ever!
About Netify Apk
This happens to be a very great application when it comes to browsing for free but other services like VPN location is not it’s aspect.You can not Not change your IP location just like psiphon handler and Syponshield VPN.
Netify is easy to use since it the same menu as psiphon and syphon shield.
It’s a friendly application cause it has the same layout as syphon shield
Netify VPN is faster in connection, that is, it connects very fast

Netify works like Psiphon and but with some new designs and remolded settings. Our well known programmer, Odiseo onze, as usual, have remolded Psiphon app to bring out this Netify and I have been working on it and testing it for different free browsing cheats available now.The first one I tested was the cheats and they just connected in seconds without any hitch. I will publish settings with screenshots in subsequent posts as soon as am done testing it with other cheats like the Etisalat 0.00, MTN 0.00, music plus, ,FEATURES OF NETIFY VPN

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  • It is completely redesigned with new graphics
  •  There is no connection key this time on the notifications bar
  • There is no place to add or remove region or countries. (Yet working)
  • the default handler settings is there but with new user interface
  • New icon added
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