Etisalat socialme pack and 0.00 cheat

have been saving me and others from expensive data subscription for a very long time now.

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 I enjoy unlimited browsing, downloading and streaming of my favourite TV channels and live matches free of charge or very cheap with the help of Psiphon VPN app. This have made me brows with freedom without ever wondering or thinking about when my data will finish. I don’t care about how many gigabytes I use in a day once my phone and Laptop is ON, it is browsing all the way.
I share all the available free browsing cheats on different platforms here on this blog for every follower of this site to benefit too but this morning, I got one of the greatest challenges in setting up a free browsing or affordable browsing for myself because the one I was using suddenly stopped. I tried all the different methods I have been using to fix it before including using a new fast IP but non worked. The pressure was too much on me as my blog readers and followers also experienced the same disconnection and I don’t want any body to spend so much on data.
I choose the Etisalat N500 monthly social me plan as my main plan because I don’t want to brows totally free without paying for the unlimited access I have for free browsing. There are cheats like Etisalat 0.0 which gives you unlimited free browsing without paying a dime but I feel like to give Etisalat at least a token (As a good citizen). You too can imitate my kind gesture. Lol!
Anyway let me go just straight to the point. After tweaking many methods to restore my Psiphon and browsing, I was getting tired and it took me over 5 hours of tweaking and finding new methods to force my Psiphon to start working again. Finally, I got a fix to restore it back. Hardwork and patience pays.
On your Psiphon Pro Lite app, set it as follows…
Tick remove port
Proxy Type:     Reverse Proxy
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type:    Inject
Real Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Port:      3128
Now Click Save
Turnel whole device

Got to options
Select Region:   United States
Click on More Option
Tick connect through an HTTP
Tick use the following settings
Host Address:
Port:         3128
Go back and hit on connect
 APN: Use default etisalat APN


NOTE: After tweaking this, i noticed that the connection time is now longer than before. it takes about 5 minutes to connect and sometimes 8 minutes.
The above settings works for etisalat socialme and chat pack that have stopped working.
For those that their 0.00 cheat stopped working or connecting, what you will do is to just change proxy server from to
Etisalat 0.00 free browsing cheat is still working with the settings above as at the time of publishing this post.
For more enquiries and question regarding this cheat click Etisalat 0.00 cheat still working
Happy browsing from WizyTechs


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